Building Better Behaviors: Unleash Potential with Big Times Kennel’s Community Classes

Apr 4, 2024 | BTK News

Building Better Behaviors

Building Better Behaviors: Unleash Potential with Community Classes – Welcome to Big Times Kennel, where we believe every dog can benefit from a little extra training, no matter their age or skill level. Our fun community classes are designed to enhance your dog’s focus through obedience training and build a stronger bond between you and your furry friend.

Building Better Behaviors

Our training sessions are more than just learning commands; they are about engagement, body awareness, and, importantly, impulse control, which is a learned behavior that can greatly improve your dog’s interactions with the world around them. We cover everything from the basics, like sit, stay, down, and recall, to essential life skills, such as navigating doorways and appropriate greetings with strangers. Our curriculum is designed to address common behavioral challenges, including jumping, mouthing, and biting, ensuring your dog becomes a well-mannered companion.

Unleash Potential

For those looking to take their training to the next level, our Manners 201 Community Class is perfect. After mastering the basics in Manners 101, this advanced class places dogs and handlers in new environments such as stores, malls, and restaurants, aiming to strengthen your dog’s confidence and polish their skills in real-world settings.

Similarly, our Manners 301 Community Park Class offers an excellent opportunity to practice obedience skills amidst distractions like children, bikes, cars, and other dogs in various parks around the area. This is ideal for those seeking to ensure their dog behaves impeccably in public spaces.

For our early risers, the Coffee and Pups Obedience Class combines training with a pleasant morning ritual. Aimed at puppies under 1 year old, this class covers basic obedience skills and behaviors such as jumping, barking, and biting, all while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Lastly, our Outdoor Class at Oak Grove Park is designed for graduates of our Manners 101 Class who are ready to face new distractions and challenges in an outdoor setting. This class promises fun and learning amidst the dynamic environment of Oak Park, from runners to soccer games.

The Details

Each of our 4-week courses is priced at $195, offering value not just in terms of training but also in enriching your life with your dog. Don’t miss out on the chance to join our community classes. Visit our website for class schedules and more details, and embark on a journey to a more obedient, confident, and happy dog.

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