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Big Times Kennel offers Dog Agility and Obedience Training, Dog Boarding, Pet Daycare and More!

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Welcome to Big Times Kennel!

Dog Training and Boarding in Dayton, Ohio

We can help you build an even closer relationship with your furry best friend!

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Dog Boarding & Daycare

Pamper your pet while you are away. At Big Times Kennel your can rest assured your dog will be comfortable in their own suite. The suite is connected in and outdoors so they can come and go as they please, 11 hours a day! 

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Dog Obedience Training

In our obedience program you will receive individual guidance and fast results. Our training extends to indoor and outdoor settings, enhancing the overall relationship with your dog while setting clear boundaries for acceptable behavior.

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Dog Agility Training

Strengthen the dog/owner bond with agility training. Enjoy your dog more as he/she listens and reacts better.  Because of the physicality of the sport, your dog will get the exercise needed both physically and mentally.

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About Us

At Big Times Kennel, we are committed to providing the best of services for your pets. Whether it be boarding or training, we treat every animal like our own. We love where we live, we enjoy all the animals that are put in our care, and we guide those in our agility and obedience training classes to reach the highest of standards.

Thank you, Ohio, for all you have given us!

John and Maureen

Client Reviews

Our Students and Their Owners Love Us

“Big Times Kennels has been nothing short of wonderful for Forrest and I. We started off in obedience and had impeccable results, and continued our journey into agility. I never thought I’d be running a dog in agility, let alone excelling in it, and we owe it all to the trainers and facility that is Big Times Kennels!”


“We are so impressed with Big Times Kennel! This past year, we have utilized day boarding, boarding, and training with Tess–who can be a hot mess at times. She day boards two days a week, and it has been such a blessing. We appreciate that she is in an environment that stimulates her where she can safely interact with other dogs and people. She doesn’t sleep all day so she is exhausted when she comes home. Another bonus is that she can go inside and outside within her own space. She absolutely loves everyone who works at Big Times, especially John and Maureen. It is an amazing feeling to drop her off for boarding when we go out of town; we are comforted by the thought that we know she will receive excellent care. On the training side, we cannot say enough about Kim and her expertise. Tess worships her and is always eager to please her. Kim has shown unlimited patience with me while I work to put into practice what she is teaching me. She has provided stimulating training sessions in public places to help Tess and me feel more comfortable in various social settings. We are thankful that Big Times plays such an integral part in Tess’s life; they are very much responsible for helping to shape her into the good girl she is.”

Kelly, Joe, and Tess Owens

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