Thinking about getting into the agility game with your best friend?

Now is the time! We have new sessions beginning regularly. In order for our trainers to best place your dog in the right class, we ask that you take one private lesson with our trainer to evaluate your dog’s level.

A few basic skills are needed to make your dog successful in our classes. Your dog needs to be able to focus around distractions, have a good come-on recall, and have a good sit/down stay. Remember you will be in class with dogs off lead and running by week 3.

Dog laying during agility training at Big Times Kennel
Why agility? All dogs like to run and jump, and they take an agility course as their playground.  Our students get pulled into the training facility as the dogs know where they are going and what they are going to be doing. We all look for that special bond with our dog. Once people get involved, they all notice their dog/owner bond gets stronger. Their dogs are listening better and reacting better. Because of the physicality of the sport, the dogs get the exercise they need both physically and mentally. Whether you compete or just take classes, the sport has positive effects on both the dog and the owner.

So don’t delay. If you are new to the sport, call now, and we will have a trainer contact you! Please call us directly at 937-885-3427 for our class schedule, more information, and to register.


Wednesday, August 7, 2024

5:30 pm Agility Foundations
6:45 pm Introduction to Handling
8:00 pm Novice Competition Agility

Thursday, August 8, 2024

8:00 pm Advanced Competition Agility



Pre-Foundations Classes Weekend dates and times may vary monthly

Welcome to the sport of Dog Agility! Our Agility Pre-Foundations class is for students who have successfully completed one or more obedience classes and are ready to take their training to the next level. Agility is a fun, fast-paced sport that requires focus and teamwork. This class will evaluate your dog’s ability to stay calm and focused in a high-energy environment while introducing you to the core foundation skills needed to be successful in the sport. We encourage you to repeat this class as many times as you need until you and your dog have a full understanding of all the skills taught in this class.

Pre-Foundations classes are a one-time class offered monthly. Days and times may vary depending on instructor availability and will be announced at least a month in advance. Please contact us for times and availability!

One-time class is $60 – 9 or less in the class.


This class will focus on proper introduction and execution of obstacles as well as focus on flat work skills, 2-on-2 off, and place work. Start line stays, strong attention skills, and the proper execution of each and every obstacle, with special emphasis given to the contacts and weave poles. It is our belief that a strong foundation in contact obstacles and weave poles will lead you to future successes in agility. You and your dogs’ full understanding of the foundation skills learned in our Pre-Foundations class will be put to the test each week while introducing new skills and challenges. This class requires a strong sit-stay and recall as dogs are off-leash by week 3.

6-week course is $120- 7 or less in the class.
A Minimum of 1 Pre-Foundations class or Private lesson is required for evaluation and placement.


Now that the dog understands the basics, it is time to move on to the next step. This class will focus on putting obstacles together to create sequences while focusing on building a true team relationship with your dog. We will continue to focus on bringing the teeter up to full height and closing down the weaves. Special emphasis will continue to be placed on the contact obstacles, weave poles, and their proper execution. Front, rear, and blind crossing techniques will be introduced along with short course sequences.

6-week course $120- 7 or fewer in the class


This course is for the team who is interested in true competition. We will focus on continuing to build the relationship between you and your dog while focusing on implementing the skills needed to make your dog successful in the ring. The weave poles are now closed, the teeter is at full height, and the challenges are at more of a competitive level. Each week, the class is presented with new problems, with the challenge of running faster and cleaner. This is a pre-competition class.

6-week course $120 – 7 or fewer in class


This is a class for the true competitor, as the focus will be on increasing dog speed and handling skills. Skills necessary to be successful in excellent and premier will be the focus. Courses will be developed from actual problems experienced by the students when competing.

6-week course $120.00 – 7 or fewer in class


Private Lessons are $80 per hour
Semi-private lessons are $50 per hour per dog
If you do not have a partner, we will match you up with one with equal skills.

Lexie Sauer Agility trainer at Big Times Kennel


Lexie Sauer, Agility Trainer

I started taking obedience classes at Big Times Kennel a little over 10 years ago with a little mixed-breed dog named Scamp. My interest in dog training quickly grew, and my focus turned to agility. After Scamp, I trained another mixed breed named Luna. She still gets to train and compete occasionally but has decided that the couch is much better than competing these days.

Currently, I train and compete in several different agility venues with my 2 Border Collies. I earned my Master Agility Championship Title with my Border Collie, Killian, in 2023, and we were awarded Games Reserve Champion at the 2023 National Border Collie Speciality held at Purina Farms in Missouri.

Foundation skills are very important to me! Just like a house needs a solid foundation, agility training also relies on a solid foundation in order to be safe and successful. My program is tailored to meet the needs of each dog. Fast or slow, large or small, we will find the training style that works best for you and your dog! I love watching my students grow together as a team and achieve their goals. Many of my students are currently competing in AKC and are very successful!

Whether you want to go out on the weekends and compete at big agility events or just have fun in your backyard while building a stronger relationship with your dog, I am here to help you every step of the way!