Getting a Puppy – Here’s What to Expect

Oct 3, 2023 | Dog Training Tips

Getting a Puppy What to Expect

What to Expect When Getting a Puppy – You can expect amazing cuddles and puppy breath! Your puppy will go through many different stages, much like a new child. Your puppy may be shy the first few days you have them home while they get used to their new surroundings and adjust to being away from littermates.

Getting a Puppy What to Expect Big Times Kennel

Get off on the right foot and feed your puppy in his crate!

Make it their favorite place! You can expect whining in the crate, which will subside in a few days/nights if you do not give in and get the puppy out!

Potty training is a big one!

Here is the easiest way: crate your puppy unless it is engaged with you! When you take the puppy from the crate, always go outside to the same area for potty. Praise them when they go potty! Then, return to the crate if you are not playing with them. This method works so well it may only take a few weeks to potty train!

You can EXPECT your puppy to chase, bite, and steal your things, possibly chewing them up!

Anything our puppy does is our fault. Hard to swallow, I know. They are just little furry kids exploring the world. If your puppy barks at you and pulls your clothes, they want to play! They don’t have littermates anymore, so you are their playmates! You can help this energy with your puppy by playing with them; tug toys are great! Running outdoors in the yard with them, playing ball, or just playing a tugging game with them is a great way to burn off that energy.

Do not chase your puppy if he has your items.

I would practice getting excited, calling them to you, and offering a treat of high value while saying drop it or out, praising with yes when they do release it. Puppies can be lots of work, but they are also a lot of fun!!!

It is never too early to start training, which means even as early as 8 weeks old! They are like sponges and can retain things well. However, you may lose their attention sometimes, which is completely normal!

Enjoy your puppy. See our latest training schedule and available classes here.

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